We apply rigorous creativity to everything we do, from the details of a renovation to the structure of a deal. It’s part of who we are. It’s how we reach our goals.

Equal parts analytical and creative, Carmel professionals are adept at recognizing overlooked opportunities as well as visualizing ones that don’t yet exist. Each is an act of creation, a highly personal thing, relying on specialized skills and the desire to create value.

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Carmel’s funds are actively managed through our vertically integrated platform, with broad in-house expertise in acquisitions, development, construction, project finance, and asset management.

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Carmel Partners is an investment firm. But that’s not where our story ends. With experience in all aspects of multifamily real estate, we create homes and improve communities. Our development and renovation projects are thoughtfully designed and expertly crafted. Our entrepreneurial mindset is reflected in the bold moves and forward-thinking investments that have become our calling card.

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Carmel’s platform brings expertise and control to multifamily projects, from beginning to end. All our points of expertise, including investment, development, and construction, are vertically integrated, which allows real-time collaboration, rapid improvements, innovative thought, and opportunistic strategies.

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